Drink Menu

Our delicious coffee is fair trade, organic and regionally roasted. We purchase our beans from a few different sources including Deeper Roots Coffee roaster in Cincinnati, Rocco’s Coffee Roastery, and Kentucky Mountain Coffee Company. All drinks can be iced! We even sell coffee in bulk so you can make it in your own Red River Gorge cabin.

Hot Drinks










White Mocha






Latte with Flavor






Caramel Macchiato



Shot in the Dark



Dirty Chai



Chai Latte



Hot Chocolate



Hot Tea



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Seasonal Specials

Espresso - Double Shot



Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee



The Boone

Espresso Base + Iced Coffee




Hazelnut, Chocolate and Caramel blended w/ ice and our homemade espresso base


Dr. Livingstone

Fresh Banana and Chocolate Sauce blended w/ ice and our homemade espresso base


St. Brendan

Irish Cream blended w/ ice and our homemade espresso base



Lewis and Clark

Chocolate and Peanut Butter



Vanilla w/ our homemade espresso base


Classic Milkshake

Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla



Amazon Breeze

Banana, Pineapple, Mango and Yogurt with Orange Juice and Coconut Milk



Strawberry, Banana and Yogurt w/ Milk



Banana, and Mango with Coconut Milk



Banana, Mixed Berry and Yogurt w/ Milk


Green Smoothie

Spinach, Avocado, Banana, Mango, Maple Syrup and Coconut Milk

Tickle Me Pink

Strawberry, Pineapple, Dragon Fruit Syrup Lemonade and Mango Juice


Food Menu

Stop in for a delicious breakfast or lunch and while you’re here check out our Fresh baked goods. Varieties from sourdough bread, scones, banana bread, cupcakes, muffins and brownies..


Breakfast served till 11am except burritos and sandwiches are served all day.


Served with Cream Cheese or Peanut Butter & Jelly


Breakfast Sandwich

Egg and Cheese between choice of Toast, add Bacon, Ham or Sausage


Biscuits and Gravy

2 biscuits with sausage gravy



(choice of meat bacon, ham or sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach, and cheese)


Oatmeal Bowl

Oatmeal served with or without toppings


Breakfast Burrito

Burrito with scrambled eggs, choice of meat, diced tomatoes, onion and shredded cheese


Breakfast Platter

Scrambled Eggs with your choice of Bacon, Ham or Sausage, served with Texas Toast


French Toast

2 pieces of French Toast served with Powdered Sugar, and Syrup (add Toppings for extra cost)


Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

Homemade Hummus and Tomato on your choice of Bread



Severed with your choice of Chips, Pasta Salad-

Lunch not served till 11am

Hummus Wrap

Homemade Hummus Tomato, Peppers, Avocado, Lettuce on a Sun dried Tomato Basil Wrap


Club Wrap

Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions Mayo and Mustard

Chickpea Salad Wrap

Homemade Chickpea Salad(Walnut, Cranberry and Celery) w/ Lettuce, Onion, Tomato and Pickles


(Kids) PB&J

Peanut butter with choice of hillbilly jam


Chicken Salad Sandwich

Homemade Chicken Salad(Walnut, Cranberry, and Celery) w/ Lettuce, Onion, Tomato and Pickles


Beer Cheese Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese made using Beer Cheese


Grilled Cheese

Choice of Cheddar or Provolone Cheese


Hot Ham and Cheese

Ham w/ choice of Cheddar or Provolone Cheese



Crisp Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo


(Kids) Cheese Quesadilla




Bacon and Ham

Ham and Crisp Bacon with Spinach, Tomato, and a choice of Cheddar or Provolone Cheese



Pesto, Spinach, Tomato, and with a choice of Cheddar or Provolone Cheese


Turkey Avocado

Wholegrain panini bread Sliced Turkey with Spinach, Tomato, sliced avocado and a choice of cheese provolone or cheddar


Turkey Pesto

Wholegrain panini bread Sliced Turkey, Spinach, Pesto your choice of cheese provolone or cheddar and thick sliced tomatoes


Smoothie Bowl

Build Your Own

Fruit (1-2)

Banana, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Pineapple and Mango

Liquid (1-2)

Whole Milk, 2% Milk, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Orange Juice or Water

Protein (1)

Chocolate or Vanilla Protein Powder, Oats, Peanut Butter or Greek Yogurt

Toppings (1-4)

Chocolate Chips, Coconut, Granola, Flax Seed, Walnuts, Bee Pollen, Honey and Oats

Ice Cream


Add Sprinkles or Whipped Cream
White Chocolate or Caramel Sauce (Cup Only)



Add Sprinkles or Whipped Cream
White Chocolate or Caramel Sauce (Cup Only)



Add Sprinkles or Whipped Cream
White Chocolate or Caramel Sauce (Cup Only)


Mixed Drinks

-Must be 21-

Espresso Martini

Vodka, Espresso, Kahlua


Champagne, Orange juice

Irish Coffee

Irish Whiskey, Brown Sugar, Coffee, Whipped Cream

Bloody Mary

Vodka, Zing Zang, V8 juice, Hot Sauce, Worcestershire, Lime, Lemon Salt/Pepper and Olive

White Russian

Vodka, Cream and Kahlua

KY Mule

Woodford Reserve, Ale 8, Lime


Black N bourbon

Iced Coffee, Bourbon, Cream

Timber Rattler - Shot

Kahlua, Cream De-cacao, Bailey

Red River Mudslide

Vanilla Ice Cream, Baileys, Kahlua topped with whipped cream and a cherry


Dirty Turtle

Vanilla Ice Cream, Coffee base, Baileys topped with whipped cream, caramel, chocolate sauce, nuts and a cherry

Red River Gorge
Climb Salve
Organic Herbal Tea
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